Jungle BookDay Care & Play School

Jungle Book is the second home for your little ones. Acting as an extension of home, we offer a warm, caring atmosphere that will ease your kid’s transition from home to school. Classrooms in the school are safe and secure and fitted with fun and creativity. We’ve got the best available materials and equipment from all over the world for early childhood development of children. They have been designed in such a way that kids will have fun while learning.

At, Jungle Book, we treat every kid as unique and we’ll help them to shine better and succeed in their lives. Established with a vision to provide the jest international learning experience, we enlighten your kids by entertaining them. Our learninga one-of-its kind, child centered learning environment that can make a positive difference in every child’s life. The programmes are designed for childrenfrom sixteen months to four years of age and have been created to foster all aspects of child’s development.   We take extreme care to attend every kid who comes here. We emphasis on interactive learning pattern by enticing toys and games, engaging stories and rhymes teaching aids including building blocks, drawing, painting equipment, colourful costumes, puppets, yoga classes, dance classes, water play swimming etc.

Our Staff members are well trained and experienced in early childhood education of international standards. They help the kids to develop a love for learning in a stimulating and nurturing environment. Through various teaching aids, games and toys they take the children to the world of knowledge.

In this stride to attain world-class pre-schooling, we enjoy the ceaseless trust of parents and their active participation during the events and programmes that we organize here. Our constant interaction with parents helps us to understand the kids better. And this enables us in effectively nurturing the skills and interests of every kid, so that they’ll brighten their lives. Come, let your child enter a Colourful Fairyland of Amusement, Education & Entertainment.

May god Bless!

ChaniaNazar Latheef

"By the grace of the Almighty, it has started growing well. Now it is up to you to give enough water and care, so that it would grow to give beautiful flowers and sweet fruits in future. Find herewith a certificate prepared with lots and lots of affection and blessings. Give a little space for this memento on the walls of your child’s room… so that tomorrows Doctor, Engineer, IAS officer, Collector, Artist, Minister etc.. etc… can remember this humble school, which sow the seeds of future in them"